Our vision for Places You Love

We want to live in a healthy and prosperous Australia where nature is valued and looked after.

Australians love nature. We know that it is a fundamental to our wealth and wellbeing. Many of us already contribute financially to nature conservation in Australia and all of us enjoy what nature has to offer us for recreation, relaxation, hobbies and cultural practices.

Our country is founded on hard work, innovation and collaboration. We work hard together to look after our environment. The Places You Love Alliance brings together work that is done around the country to form a powerful, diverse constituency for nature.

Members of a new “constituency for nature” will be public advocates in their local area, and at a state and national level.

The Places You Love Alliance follows the principles of collective action to achieve greater outcomes for nature than any that could be achieved by a single organisation.

Our collective impact

Places You Love alliance members have different issue-focus areas, but we come together to identify and implement mutually reinforcing activities that make the most our strengths.

We share a vision for change, a common understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving it.