Solving Australia’s extinction and pollution crisis


On the 16th December 2018 the Places You Love Alliance ran a successful Fringe event at Labor's 48th National Conference in Adelaide. The Federal ALP agreed to introduce a new set of national environmental laws and an independent national EPA in their first term, if they win the election. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten committed to the reforms on Sunday in his speech. 

See here for our full media release. Check out this beautiful op ed by author Tim Winton and a great radio interview with former US EPA official Lisa Garcia, who both spoke at our successful Fringe event at the National Conference. Other speakers included CPSU Secretary Beth Vincent-Pietsch and Labor Environmental Action Network co-convenor Felicity Wade on how new laws and institutions can solve Australia's extinction and pollution crisis.

Afterwards our attendees enjoyed drinks and immersed themselves in a virtual reality experience of the Daintree rainforest!

Daintree Rainforest | Paul D'Ambra


"Our current environmental laws aren't working. Not for the environment. Nor for the citizens who depend on it.

Our national emergencies are ample proof. We face a mammal extinction crisis. We have desperate problems with water management, land-clearing and soil degradation. The nation has no climate policy. And the world's greatest coral reef could die on our watch...

I know what it's like to be subject, for a moment, to something mighty. Spared by a force of nature that owed me nothing. But the natural world is now at our mercy. And we owe it our very existence.

It's time to reform our laws to protect it."

~ Tim Winton

Image: Christopher Michel