We’re bringing together experts, communities, business and government to reimagine nature protection. Reimagining nature protection so our air, water, wildlife and the places we love can thrive.

From February through to May 2016, we are starting a nationwide conversation with Australians from all walks of life on what their vision of how we can make sure nature, culture, wildlife and people are best cared for.

Complementing our face-to-face engagement is  our Dialogue website – this is where we capture everyone’s ideas to share with the Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law (APEEL). APEEL will use this collection of ideas to help shape the solutions needed to create Australia’s next generation of environmental laws.

What is the conversation about?

The conversation is centred around seven key challenges related to the health and protection of our wildlife, water, air, culture, communities and biodiversity. The challenges have been created using the expert lawyer’s initial work. We want to hear your ideas on how we can solve these challenges.

Do I need to know details about environmental law?

If you do, that’s great but by no means do you have to know everything about environmental law. We invite everyone to share their experiences and ideas about how Australia could improve the the system of nature protection and look forward to a mix of different ideas. We’re not all experts in law. We are ordinary Australians who care about the places we love. And creating strong nature protection needs the knowledge and insight of all Australians. Chances are you probably know more then you think you do to!

Why should you get involved?

Because it’s people like you who are passionate and actively campaigning to protect the places, wildlife and people you love that can provide the greatest insights into the solutions. The lawyers have done their initial insight into what a next generation of nature laws could look like in Australia. Now it’s time to hear what you think of the key challenges, issues and ideas they have raised.

What are the topics we are seeking input into?

The challenges we have identified in our dialogue have been created using the Expert Panel’s introductory paper. As the majority of us are not high level experts with still very valid and valuable ideas and thoughts to share – we’ve tried our best to make sure these challenges are for us all to understand, relate and contribute to. There is also every chance that a brilliant idea you have may not fit into any of our challenge – that is why we have a general challenge set aside as a repository for other ideas and solutions.

Why have we we chosen to use Dialogue as our engagement tool?

Dialogue  been shown to work internationally and has the potential to take our engagement to a whole new level in the way we can gather, record and collate people’s ideas, suggestions and support.

Still want to know more?

Learn more about the Australian Panel of Experts in Environmental Law and their initial insights for a next generation of environmental laws.